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前輪が2輪の三輪自転車 左右に傾けることができる 2 つの前輪アセンブリ 普通の自転車を倒立三輪車に改造。

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Item Number : RV-001
After convert used with our tilting system as below picture :


Check the link to see how it work :                     
Component for :
Diy reverse tricycle use

item included as show in the first ( 1 ) picture  :


The new one is strong better / good out look / light more , no welding need .
better for some one who would like to reselling this item .

2)New version available from 2023   

New version available from 2023
component for diy reverse trike tricycle bicycle


fit for the forks as following picture show
( please contact us if out of the standard fork size )

reference photos only , item excluded bike and wheels .
and due to heavy product it is , so we delivery the order by post surface service only.
please let me know if you want fast shipping ( but extra cost charge need )
component for diy reverse trike tricycle bicyclecomponent for diy reverse trike tricycle bicycle

product fit for the bicycle is front forks in diameter 25MM ~ 30MM
100mm of the gap between both forks
fit for the bike with diameter 16 " 20" of wheels
We send order with SF express service,

Shipping cost in USD 65 / set ( just for Order from Japan Asia buyer  )
please contact us if any need .
photo of after converted as follow
component for diy reverse trike tricycle bicycle