for use with who would like to build the solar tracker system . easy install .user guide with package .

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Item Number : SST-1018 ( with plastic dome case )
Product features :
Width range input votage from 12 ~ 30 DCV

tracker work with program

Adjustable working time for each movement from 1 to 10 minutes .

Metal dome case use for good protection the circuit and sensor  .
Dome case dimension : 10 * 7 cm

Sensor with 2 sets of 4 Led's to detect the light .

The motor terminals can be connected to the positive or negative according to your needs (MOTOR 1 AND MOTOR 2)

The + / - in the middle is the input of the power supply (12DCV ~ 30DCV).


When connected to power, the small LED (blue) light on the board will light up

It will automatically turn off after about 20 seconds,

At the factory setting, it will light up again after 1 minute.

The sensor will work when the small blue light is on, and goes to sleep when it is off.

Sleep time is divided into 10 levels (1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 minutes)

You can use the hat in the jumper position on the board inserted in different needles to choose different sleep time to meet their needs.

The 4 groups of LEDs on the board are sensors.

It will only be exposed to light to drive the motor, remember only when the small blue LED lit response.

If you want the sensor to be in working condition at any time, you can remove the cap at the skip position.

-------------------------------------------------- -----


You can use a flashlight to illuminate a sensor (LED) indoors to test if the motor is properly voltage-fed for proper rotation.

If you find that the motor is turning around at different speeds during testing, you can balance the speed of the motor back and forth on the board with the potentionmeter (blue widget).

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Note : we promise 100% test and 100% work .

This item suit for any one who would like to build the solar tracker system by them self .

Note :

We designed this solar tracker just want more people to use

high-performance equipment in their solar products, we hope

that more natural energy, reduce pollution emissions of the

products so that your children can breathe fresh air.

Hope you will support environmental protection.

In addition, We hope you can give our comment on the use of this

product, let us do better in the future, thanks to the use of

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Caution :
Please do not attempt to change the use of this product,
or change the input voltage and circuit.
This may lead to damage to the product or burned,
Please follow the instructions need to connect all the cables,
otherwise the product can not work properly or damaged and the
Company does not make any compensation to any  improper use .