the controller can driving the solar panel follow the sun good for green energy system or project use

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Item number : SST-1017 ( with plastic dome case )

30A big Current New Version  ( Single axis sun tracker controller combine with sensor )

Important note:Tracking number 100% available for any countries ship order to .
Never Cheating .

Product features :
adjustable sensing frequence from
every 1 minut to every 10 minutes
it is help to extend the motor working life

Connect the motor direct to the sensor , no relay circuit need , easy to use

for beginner .

Sun tracker with LED sensor ( Non water proof )


Input power : Battery   12 ~ 24 DCV  , 

This circuit is 1 battery need ( exclude in this item ),  it is for motor turn to right and  turn to left ( details can be check from the attached instruction in package )
Item is cable exclude .

This solar tracking controller will drive a motor to position anything you want to follow the sun on a single axis.  It can be used to position solar cells, a reflector to heat water, or anything else.  The controller is mounted on the object to be steered with the sensors positioned along the rotational axis.  Using most any D.C. motor up to a maximum of  24 DCV @ 30 amps, it can easily cause a solar collector, reflector or array to follow the sun through a single axis. Motors suitable for this system can move quite large loads as long as proper gearing or lead screws are used.   The controller uses a differential sensing approach and can drive the motor in either direction. PRODUCTS INTRODUCTION

Product Classification:

1.     Single-Axis Type (Model No. SST-1017-24V )

Our single axis solar tracker has the function of tracking the movement of the sun during the time of sunrise to sunset. It can assist your solar collector to absorb more 35%-45% of solar energy in comparison with the collector which has not installed solar tracker.

Note : we promise 100% test and 100% work .

This item suit for any one who would like to build the solar tracker system by them self .

Note :

We designed this solar tracker just want more people to use 

high-performance equipment in their solar products, we hope 

that more natural energy, reduce pollution emissions of the 

products so that your children can breathe fresh air.

Hope you will support environmental protection.

In addition, We hope you can give our comment on the use of this

product, let us do better in the future, thanks to the use of

our products.

If any idea :

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Caution :
Please do not attempt to change the use of this product,
or change the input voltage and circuit.
This may lead to damage to the product or burned,
Please follow the instructions need to connect all the cables,
otherwise the product can not work properly or damaged and the
Company does not make any compensation to any  improper use .