high precision type , with cheap price .

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Professional Version
Model No.: SST-16007 (Free shipping)
12V solar tracker controller and  optical sensor with water proof case

East /West / South and Northlimit switch design , It can help the tracker

back to East in the night for waitng the morning sun
This design can be use for Motor or acutator ( Voltage : 12DCV / 24DCV)

How to connect all the cables :

This device can help your solar system energy increased by 45%.
Easy to use, easy to install, play the best performance of your solar system.
There is a price cheaper than the market.

Technical characteristics:

Solar tracker  type

Dual Axis

Installation angle

it is based on customers’ requirements

Installation height

it is basedon customers’ requirements

Sensor protect with :

Water proof plastic case

Input power

12 DCV / 24DCV

Output power

12 V / 24V

Motor and actuator support

12 / 24 DCV ( 45W )

Sensor type

1 set of coptical sensor ( to East/ West /South and North )
Sensor reaction time : <0.5 /S

Features :
Wind speed detect and strong wind protection function .
4 wind speed setting (10M/s , 12M/s , 14M/s , 16M/s )standard
setting by our factory  is in 16M/s .

Auto return mode in the night .
Auto and manually function switch ( Manually function is for
easy to do testing )

Double layer sensor design ( for make higher precision )

Note : in order to get the good performance , we design
2 of sets sensor , and it is put on 2 layers.
The top layer to detect the sun light then the under layer
can aim to the sun .fast reaction .


Application :

Solar refection mirror system

Solar concentrator

Sun flower system
Powerful solar water heater .

What is the item included :
1 X  sun tracker controller .

1 X  Sensor unit
1 X Wind speed meter
4 X limit switch


How this kit work :

When you use this product, just need to install it on top or midle of the solar bracket and a fix the Sensor unit point to the sun  , when the sun moveing then the  tracker drive the motor or actuator device to follow the sun all day long
How about the energy you can get :
According to our tests, the installation of a "dual axis solar tracker", we can be increased from 55% to 75% of Solar energy (compared to the terms generally are not equipped with this device)

How much you can save :
in addition, under this calculation if we take a group of USD 1500 solar panels, if available, an additional 50% is equal to save USD 750.
This be considered truly achieve environmental protection can save money on our product ideas.