item come with 1 * single axis sun sensor 1 * 25cm( diameter ) rotator 1 * 12 DCV small gear motor

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Item Number : SST-009

See the U tube llink for how it work :

Product Specification :

Input power :  12DCV

Output power :  12DCV

device loading : 75KGS ( about 3 * 300W solar panels )

Pan angle : 270 degrees

Perfect work with in  temperature-20 ~ + 65 degrees . 

Features :
For under  300W solar tracking system

Note : we promise 100% test and 100% work .

This item suit for any one who would like to build the solar tracker system by them self .

Important Note :

We designed this solar tracker just want more people to use 

high-performance equipment in their solar products, we hope 

that more natural energy, reduce pollution emissions of the 

products so that your children can breathe fresh air.

Hope you will support environmental protection.


In addition, We hope you can give our comment on the use of this

product, let us do better in the future, thanks to the use of

our products.


If any idea :

Please contact  us by e-mail :

Caution :
Please do not attempt to change the use of this product,
or change the input voltage and circuit.
This may lead to damage to the product or burned,
Please follow the instructions need to connect all the cables,
otherwise the product can not work properly or damaged and the
Company does not make any compensation to any  improper use .